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British Pounds


Great product, been using it for my chickens, no longer is there any smell, they are easier to clean out. Well recommended.

G Davis, Nottinghamshire 

It's a no brainer (ball python keeper)

I've always used tropibed and rate it highly but the new and improved product is just brilliant. The quality and consistency is first class and the snakes do so well on it I wouldn't switch to anything else. Customer service is second to none
Lee vel, Essex

Best Substrate Ever !

Brilliant substrate , very good at absorbing and keeping humidity up . Excellent customer service .. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I breed ball pythons and it’s perfect for their requirements. About to prefer some more now . I look forward to continuing to buy this product .
Jason Frost, Norfolk

Best reptile substrate I've used yet!

Tropichip looks good for those of us that our in the effort to make our enclosures look pseudo naturalistic. It absorbs animal waste better than bark, and keeps the humidity better than any other substrate I've used. Mixes well with soil for bioactive setups too. Each block fits in chest freezers easily for added precaution against mites. Haven't got a single complaint against this product!!

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